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Cooler Master CRYOFUZE Thermal Paste (2g)

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الموديل: CRYOFUZE

التوفر: كمية محدودة

الحالة: جديد

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Profile CRYOFUZE CLOSE COLD CONTACT -High Performance -Exceptional Thermal Conductivity -Anhygroscopic(non moisture absorbent) -Easy Application -Non Corrosive Formula THERMAL GREASE CRYOFUZE Cooler Master is launching CryoFuze, the all new line of thermal paste delivering superior bonding for your processing capabilities. HIGH PERFORMANCE Utilizing nanoparticles, CryoFuze allows for excellent thermal conductivity on all processing components for optimal heat transfer. EXCEPTIONAL THERMAL K value of 14W/mK handles even the most extreme system builds. NON CORROSIVE FORMULA The non corrosive and oxidation resistant properties prevent solidification and leaves metal contact surfaces unharmed. CryoFuze has a versatile range of temperature performance, maintaining stability from -50°C up to 250°C. EASY APPLICATION Viscously balanced formula allow for easy application and clean up. Technical Details Brand : Cooler Master Model : CryoFuze Technical Specs COLOR : Gray THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY : 14 (W/m.K) SPECIFIC GRAVITY : 2.6 VOLUME : 0.7ml SCRAPER : Yes GREASE CLEANER : Yes COOLER TYPE : Thermal Grease

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